navigator.registerContentHandler tests

Please send feedback to Chris Weber <> | | Sat Feb 04 15:40:48 PST 2012

This page includes conformance and security tests for the navigator.registerContentHandler function Many tests are loaded from tests.json while others are loaded from test.js file. The tests are hopefully self-documented, so if you're wondering what they are you can just run them and read the output :-). In general PASS indicates an expected result that was good (interpreted as conformant or secure) while FAIL indicates one that was bad (interpreted as non-conformant, insecure, or perhaps just questionable). The results of testing several browsers are available online, as is an analysis I provided in a blog post. Please send me any new test cases, comments, suggestions, or corrections.


Click to run all tests.

Enter a single "id" from tests.json and click to run that test only.

Run an ad hoc test that includes a MIME type, uri, title, and an expected result - either 0 (pass) or -1 (fail)

Caveats and browser bugs

The following issues are making testing a bit difficult:

  1. Firefox is not returning an exception for some error cases. This means some tests return a PASS even though they should FAIL.

Test results

Output will be displayed in the box below. show/hide error details